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10 Signs and Symptoms of Liver Disease


There are many different causes for liver damage and disease, and mild cases may not exhibit any symptoms or warning signals until months of damage has been done. As the liver damage or disease progresses, some indicators become more obvious. Your liver can be damaged by habits such as drinking alcoholic beverages all too often, or from taking medications that contain acetaminophen for many years. It depends on how sensitive your liver and internal system are and how long you have been possibly putting substances in your body that just don’t mesh well with the liver.

Often many patients are surprised to even learn they have a liver disease diagnosis as they were entirely unaware that a routine medication prescribed by one of their doctors could have an effect on their liver. Others are born with liver deficiencies and require treatment for the condition from the instant they are born. Living with a chronic liver ailment can be a juggling act. Special diets, medications, or cutting things totally out of your life may be in order to get your liver back in good condition.

If you think you may be experiencing liver complications, please get a consultation with your primary doctor as soon as possible, as many liver conditions can get severe rather quickly.

Read on to find the 10 classic signs and symptoms of liver disease:

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