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Eating Cheese Could Prevent Liver Cancer & Make You Live Longer


Cheese is one of those incredible human accomplishments that really just makes life worth living. From pizza to cheeseburgers, and from nachos to warm brie, cheese, in all its forms, is pretty delicious. However, for what seems like forever, we have been told to enjoy it sparingly as too much can cause serious health problems. Sadly, and with sullen faces, most of us obliged.

Thankfully, today is a new day, and in we are learning that eating aged cheese, including cheddar, brie, and parmesan, can actually boost your liver health. This is a result of the cheese contain a compound known as spermidine, that stops damaged liver cells from replicating.

And would you like to know an added bonus? When given to mice over their entire lives, it was found that life expectancy increased by 25 percent!

Researchers are very optimistic about these findings and hope that it may lead to a way to prevent liver fibrosis, which is the accumulation of scar tissue that occurs in most diseases of the organ, as well as hepatocellular carcinoma, which is the most common form of liver cancer. And although this is certainly great news on the battle against cancer, what about that living longer part?

It was a team of researchers at Texas A&M University analyzed spermidine treatment in mice, and the results as mentioned was an increase in life expectancy of 25 percent. If that same compound used gave the same results to humans, it could easily raise the average age to over 100 years old. Sadly, we are still a little whiles off before we get into human testing, but thoughts are already looking towards creating a supplement containing spermidine.

The researchers also found that regularly consuming mushrooms, soy, legumes, corn and whole grains showed a similar, but not as pronounced life-extending effect.

Leyuan Liu, the study author, said there are just three things that have been discovered to date that help to prolong human life expectancy.

He said “Severely cutting the number of calories consumed, restricting the amount of methionine (a type of amino acid found in meat and other proteins) in the diet and using the drug rapamycin – have been shown to truly prolong the lifespans of vertebrates.

“But eating less and not eating meat will not be welcomed by the general population, while rapamycin has shown to suppress the human immune system – therefore, spermidine may be a better approach.”

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