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Study: Coffee Can Aid With Liver Health


Who doesn’t want a healthy liver? As one of the body’s most vital organs, your liver metabolizes drugs and detoxifies chemicals; it creates key proteins for blood clotting to occur; it also aids with digestion, and has additional functions to keep your body healthy and active.

Well, Health 24 reported that hose that love their morning java, or those that are in dire need of coffee to keep them going throughout the day, a new study gives us all hope around our love (and a little obsession) for this caffeinated beverage, stating that three-plus cups of coffee each day can help to protect your liver against serious ailments.

With 26 years of research and pooling over 14,000 U.S. adults, the study revealed that those who consumed three or more cups filled with the good stuff had a 21 percent decreased risk of being hospitalized due to liver issues. While the research team could not find a cause and effect around their findings, they were able to conclude that those who drank this amount of coffee did have a decreased chance of developing any type of liver disease, which also supported the idea that moderate or low amounts of coffee might not be that bad for the body after all.

Data for the research was gathered via a national study on heart disease. Those who participated filled out questionnaires around food, which also included coffee consumption. Additionally, medical records were reviewed for the 26 years the study took place.

According to the research team, participants in the study averaged a little under two cups (220 g) each day, and the link to the beverage’s positive health effects on the liver remained the same even after other factors were placed into the equation, such as: income, race, diets, and other health issues.

There has been past research that links decreased risks to liver disease and coffee in the past, with over 430,000 individuals participating in a study that found a tremendous reduction in the chances of developing cirrhosis, specifically around those who consume alcohol and overeat.

The study was presented at Boston’s Annual American Society for Nutrition, and while the findings are interesting, it has to be noted that these results should be considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Having said that, the findings that have been presented offer a ton of encouragement to coffee drinkers world-wide. While coffee consumption being linked to healthy liver benefits may not be a new concept, this study undeniably supports past research and results, plus gives a reason for coffee lovers everywhere to celebrate (and enjoy a hot one while they are it). A cup of “joe” not only helps keep some individuals perked up to tackle their day, but it also helps a vital organ stay in check.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

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