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Tips For a Healthy Liver


Most of us are familiar with the fact that in order to maintain a healthy body, we often need to practice healthy lifestyle habits. For example, we know that we should do things to keep our blood pressure low, our brain quick, a digestive tract in working order, and our bones and muscles strong and healthy. So that’s what we need, and I am willing to bet that you could also tell me a list of things to do in order to achieve them. Maybe exercise regularly, and eating a balanced diet, and practicing healthy sleeping habits; the list goes on. However, if we were to ask you about your liver, more especially, what could you do to make it healthy, what would you say?

While eating healthy is the no-brainer answer, we thought that we would provide you with some other strong, possibly obvious, but none the less important factors for a healthy liver. And admittedly, some may seem familiar; we are willing to bet that at least one or two will surprise you.

Avoid alcohol – Alcohol and the liver have a well-known and documented relations, however, it is only if you are regularly drinking to excess that you need to worry, but again, this is on a case by case basis.

Quit smoking – Most people only associate smoking with the lungs, however, your liver is also very susceptible to peril from this nasty habit. Toxins from cigarettes can travel through your body and into the liver, either causing or worsening an existing condition.

Exercise regularly – You probably wouldn’t be surprised to if I told you that to have a healthy body then you should exercise. However, what many people forget is that our organs are part of our body, and thus, it isn’t just the exterior that benefits from getting active, but the interior as well. Also, when speaking about the liver specifically, it should be known that fat can accumulate around the liver, leading to disease; however, regular exercise can help to burn that fat away.

Relax – Stress is a toxin, and as a toxin, it is one of the greatest threats to a healthy liver. While we are not suggesting you hop on a plane and go for a beach vacation every time something stressful happens – unless, of course, you can – rather, be sure to pencil in some relaxation time to decompress and unwind. A hot bath, essential oils, and a guided meditation can all do wonders for not only healthy liver but a greater sense of well-being.

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